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Contract Manufacturing

CNC turned parts made of Bronze, Brass or Copper

Our core competence lies in the production of precision turned parts made of non-ferrous metals such as bronze, brass or copper. Using our modern machinery we manufacture turned parts of highest quality and according to individual requirements. Framework contracts enable us to produce in shorter delivery time,  higher precision and more efficient production costs.

High flexibility is a strength of our company. All production processes are strictly monitored. We supply finished products ready for installation according to your specifications, patterns or drawings, as well as to DIN and ISO standards, both individual parts as well as small, medium and large series. A permanent monitoring of dimensional accuracy during manufacture and a meticulous final inspection ensure constant high quality.

Turned parts made of copper alloys, due to their special properties are typically used in the following industries:

  • General mechanical engineering
  • Special machine construction
  • Press manufacturing
  • Roller mill production
  • Plant engineering
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic industry
  • etc.

Hereafter an extract from the material groups the finished parts are made of:

  • Gunmetal and red bronze
  • Tin and lead bronzes
  • Brass and special brass
  • Aluminium multi-alloy bronzes
  • Copper-nickel alloys
  • Special materials based on non-ferrous metal, also lead free


Latest: Expansion of our machinery

To increase gradually the capacity, competence and flexibility we have made a further investment in the field of CNC turned parts production.

The rotation centre of Nakamura is an ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION in connection with BREUNIG‘s short bar loading machine.

  • Small, precise, powerful and fast
  • For general bar work
  • All Nakamura advantages in one machine